Our investment offer closed in 2017. We thank all our investors who made this project possible

Climate Change is real

Our society must move away from fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy that won’t harm our environment. By supporting ACE and the Donside Hydro you will be contributing to a reduction of 240 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Scotland has set itself an ambitious target of delivering 100% green electricity by 2020. We’re currently at around 57% and the Donside Hydro Scheme will help Scotland move towards a completely clean electricity supply.

Improving communities

Income generated from the project will be channeled into projects that will achieve social and environmental benefits for the local area and beyond. The project is expected to generate many thousands of pounds annually for a community fund.

Your support will help us improve one of Aberdeen’s regeneration areas and deliver a sustainable community that truly works for it’s inhabitants.


Financial gain

Through our Investment Offers you will receive interest on your Shares or Bonds. Our economists have projected a very healthy annual return on investment. Likely more than you would get from a high street bank.

Community Shares and Bonds fully align with the overall vision and social objectives of the project, offering the opportunity for members of the wider community and indeed country to secure a solid and low-risk financial return on investment. With a minimum investment of just a hundred pounds the Share and Bond Offers are extremely accessible.